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Using the feed of a blog to generate a mobile friendly version of it is something we have tried when at Kaywa, and I still do believe one can make something nice of it. For various reasons we failed imho but wish all the best to Blog4Mobile :-)… good point to start with they plan to share revenue (and they provide access statistics):

After the beta phase, Blog4Mobile.com will start the central marketing of all mobile blogs. Each user gets up to 70% of the advertising incomes, generated via his mobile blog. Blog4Mobile.com is not only for free, you can even cash in by blogging!

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Festival guides

Remember the mobile guide for Paleo festival ? I found out that the same app exists for few other festivals in Switzerland. Neat. I found this out through my beloved carrier portal. Talking about it… a Google search field has appeared on top of the the main page… looks like they are “opening” their mobile web to the external world.

Mobile Guide Festival
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My Mobile Web (2): mobile.rsr.ch

I am going through my mobile bookmarks. First step: my “swiss” folder, or to put it another way: making good use of the mobile web without using useless and expensive services from Swisscom Mobile and its “Vodafone” Portal.

I found it only very recently about the mobile website of the swiss radio. Really neat! It has some iPhone look and feel, it is clean and does a good job at informing on a concise manner… what else asking ?
It even provides some show to be downloaded as MP3 (depends on the connection and make sure you have a good data plan if you are on your carrier network).


URL: mobile.rsr.ch or via the QR Code below
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Petite réflexion inspirée de ce billet. Ne possédant pas de voiture, je suis assez pour le développement de service autour du partage de voiture (je suis utilisateur Mobility). Je pourrais être un utilisateur ponctuel d’un service de co-voiturage bien que je ne l’ai encore jamais fait, pour deux raisons en tout cas:

  • Le co-voiturage ne se planifie pas toujours… co-voiturer tous les jours génère des contraintes qui mènent à l’échec sur la longueur.
  • Il ne s’agit pas simplement d’aller d’un point A à un point B, tant qu’à faire, autant le faire avec quelqu’un avec qui je partage quelques affinités…

Une pincée de “réseau social” avec une poignée de “dynamisme”… il y a de la place pour une application mobile! Lors d’un événement (festival, concert, soirée,…) je veux pouvoir sortir mon mobile de ma poche et consulter la liste des personnes qui rentrent dans la même direction que moi…


Playing with URLs on YouTube Mobile

(part 1) Wouah. YouTube Mobile is now available for every video, while until now it was only for selected videos. Because they are smart and because every video has a single id you can deduce the URL of the mobile version of a video from the web version. I need now to update my “killing” video plugin for WordPress :-)

Quite easy to translate this link (a video from the Kruger National Park):

to this (same video on the mobile version):


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How Google builds up databases

You probably havn’t missed that Google is developing together, with technology partners, Android: the first complete, open, and free mobile platform.

A bit after this announcement, they launched a new version of their Google Maps software on phones that includes a “My Location” feature. This feature basically lets anyone with Google Maps on his cell phone find out its location even if the phone does not have a GPS (which until now was sort of a requirement to get some sort of localisation).

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iFeedYou is dead

ifeedyou_on_nokia6630.jpgI have been quite busy lately and I forgot to announce that one… iFeedYou is dead! It was a difficult move but a realistic one… I can not spend hours on that project anymore and it has become too difficult and too expensive to maintain the service up. I feel bad for the very few people that were still using it but they can if they want contact me offline and I will set up for them an alternative online aggregator (while Google Reader or Bloglines might actually do the job :-).
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About JavaScript support in mobile browser

Thanks to Russell I know now that AdSense for mobile is NOT based on JavaScript but it anyway emphasizes that wide JavaScript and Ajax support on handset is a milestone for the mobile web.

The XMLHttpRequest has improved a lot interfaces on the “normal” web to the point of creating a revolution (you know this web2.0 thing,…). There is no reason the same does not happen on the mobile web, especially given that smallest request to refresh only a small part of the screen and saving bandwidth is something you are really looking for on a slowest and way more expensive network.

Let Ajax and its magic request alone, JavaScript support would be already a big step towards better adoption because when I think about services on the web that are the most useful for a business and marketers it comes down to statistics and advertisements. Both services drive revenues and they are JavaScript based most of the time, so…

I just found out today about the Frost Ajax Library, a tool for Ajax development on constrained browsers, such as those on mobile phones or gaming consoles. I guess the mobile web is finding its way… and it is on track for Mobile Web 4.0