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Festival guides

Remember the mobile guide for Paleo festival ? I found out that the same app exists for few other festivals in Switzerland. Neat. I found this out through my beloved carrier portal. Talking about it… a Google search field has appeared on top of the the main page… looks like they are “opening” their mobile web to the external world.

Mobile Guide Festival
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No update for my N95

Swisscom sucksI have been waiting for quite some time to upgrade the firmware of my N95. I am running version 11.0.026, and the lastest version is 21.0.016 something… There are many improvements, amongst them using A-GPS would allow me to get the GPS signal in 5 seconds instead the 15 minutes currently,… but the Software Updater tells me I can not, one reason being that my operator does not have the latest approved firmware.
I had a call a few weeks ago with Swisscom consummer service and they told me that they do not provide the new firmware because they were not happy with it and they were still testing it (while the rest of the world can get it). Sucks!

About STATUS to 444 (Swisscom)

Me again, complaining a bit… So in an effort to make mobile web more user friendly, Swisscom has set up some time ago a SMS service to get info about the status of your data traffic. Send “STATUS” to number 444 and the remaining MB credit will be displayed! Yeap… what about when you get over your limit ? can’t you guys display how much MB I have used over my limit to know how much more I will have to pay ?

Swisscom SMS service

Today this message was not very helpful for me, I already knew I was over my quota but I wanted to know by how much… I just needed to know how much the service I am using is going to cost! Simple no ? I do not understand…

On a side note… I dislike the new Swisscom corporate branding.

About Swisscom latest newsletter

Just got the latest Swisscom newsletter…

International communication: We’ve dropped our price in Europe, geez… it is about time that mobile becomes really mobile and does not stop at the border. What about true flat rate for datas ? and dropping the price of the SMS/MMS ?

And now you can open a blog on Swisscom-mobile, here is mine – a test. I would say, once again, that it is about time, when will they innovate, they have all the infrastructure, in the best position to bring interesting services to the user… but no. Oh and by the way, opening a blog on Swisscom Mobile is free but here is a list of price just in case, and of course do not try to browse your blog from your mobile, the mobile web is so far away… for them!

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