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Downside of Saas

Cnet: Google killing Jaiku, Dodgeball, Notebook, other projects

So ?

  1. Google is also affected by the economic situation. Even “monster” like Google has to refocus when economic downturn… (note that they also laid off 100 recruiters)
  2. If you were using one of those services you better prepare to move to another one, and hopefully you can export your datas in a nice and re-usable way. Remeber Richard Stallman warned us about Cloud Computing, this is a perfect example… a service is discontinue and you are stuck! In this case it happens with a notice beforehand but what if the service is shut down directly ?

Read also on Google Code Blog: Changes for Jaiku and Farewell to Dodgeball and Mashup Editor

No update for my N95

Swisscom sucksI have been waiting for quite some time to upgrade the firmware of my N95. I am running version 11.0.026, and the lastest version is 21.0.016 something… There are many improvements, amongst them using A-GPS would allow me to get the GPS signal in 5 seconds instead the 15 minutes currently,… but the Software Updater tells me I can not, one reason being that my operator does not have the latest approved firmware.
I had a call a few weeks ago with Swisscom consummer service and they told me that they do not provide the new firmware because they were not happy with it and they were still testing it (while the rest of the world can get it). Sucks!

How Google builds up databases

You probably havn’t missed that Google is developing together, with technology partners, Android: the first complete, open, and free mobile platform.

A bit after this announcement, they launched a new version of their Google Maps software on phones that includes a “My Location” feature. This feature basically lets anyone with Google Maps on his cell phone find out its location even if the phone does not have a GPS (which until now was sort of a requirement to get some sort of localisation).

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