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Quotes from John Chambers on Mobile phone

Ok I am going through my “all Cisco phase” but do not worry and be patient, it will pass on and I will come back to a “normal state”

[…] Phase two of communications is many-to-many collaboration over any device and/or network in the world according to John. He says productivity will continue to improve. […]

[…] Chambers closed by saying phones and all devices in the home, office and service provider network will interconnect. We will have the option to access content from various devices and we will see content stored in a variety of locations. […]


[…] Chambers said that this business process speed increase will be boosted by availability of any information to any device. […]


Same quote with also references to TelePresence from a talk from Martin De Beer: Notes on Martin De Beer, “How Video and Web 2.0 Are Changing the Enterprise”