About Google AdSense for Mobile

mobile_ad.PNGGoogle has launched AdSense for mobile. It was expected and awaited for a long time from the mobile addict (except maybe for the other players like AdMob).

Russell Beattie is complaining (AdSense for Mobile: Starting slow and AdSense for Mobile: Day 2 still sucks) about the performance of AdSense for mobile, saying that the conversion rate and the total gain are much lower than with AdMob.

Having a few mobile website myself, and being an AdMob user I wanted to try as well. I checked my Google account to find out that AdSense for mobile is not available yet in Switzerland: We do not currently offer AdSense for Mobile in Switzerland.

Too bad, actually I wanted to check how does mobile AdSense is technically inserted into a page. Somehow I assume it is done with JavaScript as it is done on the web and that would explain why the revenue is so low with AdSense, because JavaScript is not yet widely supported on handheld device and the ad might simply not be displayed on some devices.

AdMob is not based on JavaScript, it actually proposes a snippet of code in various programming/scripting languages to insert on your code that will display the ad. It is basically hardcoded in your application. While AdSense ads, being Javascript based, relies on the client to display it and if the browser does not handle JavaScript the ad will not be displayed (in the best case, in the worst case it might actually crash the browser :-)… cqfd.