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QR Codes everywhere

From an ad in a mall to an internal announcement in Cisco, QR Codes are now everywhere… 5 years ago i was working in a startup active in that area without much success*! Who said that in a venture timing is critical??

(well ok… the business model is still missing)


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QR Code on signage


I scanned my first QR Code in the street last week. It was on a signage and it lead me to a form to participate to a contest (unfortunately the deadline had passed). Surprinsingly the target webpage was well formated for my mobile device. I guess that’s a sign that both QR Code and the mobile web are progressing… Neat.

Poken vs. 2d barcode

I went to two conferences in the last month, and both tried to implement a tool to “replace” the business card (or increase the social interaction depending on how you want to see it).

Technoark used 2D barcode… while it was not, to my knowledge, really implemented (I think the barcode on the badge was just there for “access control”), it is quite easy to push further and think that the by scanning the barcode with my mobile phone I could access an online mobile profile of the person I am talking with and save it for later use.
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Cherche bon outil de traduction

Free Online Barcode Generator:

[…] Génératrice de la code à barres de BarCodeSoft vous offrit la service gratuite sur la line,il suppote la plus part des symbologies de la code à barres monodimensionnelles or à deux dimensions […]

Pitié,… c’en est presque drôle,… mais presque seulement :-)

2D barcodes for applications download

Tommi’s blog: 2D barcodes pointing directly to application downloads

Good idea, I had seen it somewhere I think but do not remember where (I thought it was on GetJar but apparently not and I could not find it). Here is a two inputs on my side.

1) Not sure that going directly to the download process is the right way to go. An intermediate page that gives some information to the end user like download size and version might be safer. User might feel a bit more secure as soon as it knows how big is the file he is going to download (and charge for, as long as we do not have true flat rate).

2) Why generating one barcode per device model ? (ie. Share online per N95, Share online per N73,… ) the whole logic should be hidden to the user and put on the server side. The correct version of the software to be downloaded should be determined on the server (thanks to User-agent detection), if it exists.

Yet another barcode generator website: Augme.com


Augme.com. Nice service that lets you generate barcode (either qrcode or datamatrix) for any mobile link. Once subscribe you can then generate your barcodes, tag them, search,… but I have not seen any statistic module.
Note that barcode generated move the targeted URL to augme.com domain. The URL encoded is hosted in another domain, format is the following: x.augme.com/somealphanumcode. Therefore when generating barcodes on augme.com you get tied to them.

I have been thinking about something similar with additional functionalities linked to the mobile world (transcoding service for instance) but I have not yet found the time to implement it…