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Jerome Chevillat

After several years working in the industry I am now teaching computer science in a Professional School in Canton de Vaud (Centre Professionel du Nord Vaudois – CPNV).

Before jumping into the fabulous world of education I was a member of Cisco Technology Group (CTG). The group’s mandate was to conduct technology due-diligence for investments/acquisitions, identify major technology market disruption and shape Cisco’s technology strategy. In that context I was leading the development of methodology and related web-based infrastructure for the identification of emerging trends coming from Venture Capital activities, with a focus on tracking early-stage companies. I also contributed to the development of tools to facilitate collaboration within the group and to the management of Cisco’s direct and indirect investments portfolio.

Priori to joining Cisco, I was CTO of KAYWA, a CTI-labeled startup located in Zürich. I joined Kaywa after having worked a couple of years developping web application as a freelancer as well as developing my own service on the web called iFeedYou (a mobile RSS aggregator, pre-dating Google Reader). From 1999 to 2003 I lived in Boston (MA, USA) and worked at Nokia Research Center in the field of Intelligent Agent and Affective Computing.

I hold a Master in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne (Switzerland) and I have two patents pending.

StrengthsFinder: Developer, Includer, Empathy, Positivity and Harmony

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