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Downside of Saas

Cnet: Google killing Jaiku, Dodgeball, Notebook, other projects

So ?

  1. Google is also affected by the economic situation. Even “monster” like Google has to refocus when economic downturn… (note that they also laid off 100 recruiters)
  2. If you were using one of those services you better prepare to move to another one, and hopefully you can export your datas in a nice and re-usable way. Remeber Richard Stallman warned us about Cloud Computing, this is a perfect example… a service is discontinue and you are stuck! In this case it happens with a notice beforehand but what if the service is shut down directly ?

Read also on Google Code Blog: Changes for Jaiku and Farewell to Dodgeball and Mashup Editor

My first video

Yesterday night I worked on my first video editing session. Nothing fancy… and for a start I used Windows Movie Maker :-)

Here is the result:

(the best part of this video is probably the soundtrack :-)

Playing with URLs on YouTube Mobile

(part 1) Wouah. YouTube Mobile is now available for every video, while until now it was only for selected videos. Because they are smart and because every video has a single id you can deduce the URL of the mobile version of a video from the web version. I need now to update my “killing” video plugin for WordPress :-)

Quite easy to translate this link (a video from the Kruger National Park):

to this (same video on the mobile version):


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About videos in posts and comments

Publishing video on your blog is not as easy as a copy-paste of the code propose by the website. I often run into problems mainly because of the editor used by my blog platform. I found it painful enough to think that putting something together for the bloggers on “Parlons” might be a good idea… Done. All they need to do now when publishing a video is to put the video link between bracket [ ].
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TelePresence in 24

TelePresence is a big word for Cisco, and while talking about it around me I realized that it is not as well known as I expected. It does make sense since it is pretty expensive product that targets big company but there might be something similar for the “mass” market.
Anyway what is TelePresence ? In one sentence: Cisco TelePresence is a new technology that combines rich audio, high-definition video, and interactive elements to deliver a unique in-person experience—over the network.
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