Mobile barcodes (or 2D codes) news

TimesCodeThe Times in Johannesburg has launched the TimesCode which is basically slightly modified QR Code to include the label “TimeCodes”. Basically a marketing thing since those code are readable by any QR Code reader. Via The Pondering Primate

Moconews: Mobile Barcodes Driving Magazine Traffic. In France mobile barcodes are called Mobile Tag or Flashcode, provided by the same company I think, which are basically datamatrix with numeric code in it. The resolution is therefore done on a server and it is tied to a reader. The built-in reader of my Nokia can not decode those, so for me it is useless.

Point and FindNokia plans to replace clicks with “Point&Find”, “Point and Find” identifies objects through image recognition and provides users with associated information. This technology has definitely a lot of promise… (#)