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Picking a SSID and Network Magic

I bought a new wireless router at home. working for Cisco I bought a Linksys one of course. At some point I had to choose a SSID name for my wireless network. I used my cell phone number as the SSID, thinking that if someone wants to connect he can call me and I will give out the password…
At the same time I installed Network Magic a networking tool provided by Pure Network (bought by Cisco a few months back)

How Google builds up databases

You probably havn’t missed that Google is developing together, with technology partners, Android: the first complete, open, and free mobile platform.

A bit after this announcement, they launched a new version of their Google Maps software on phones that includes a “My Location” feature. This feature basically lets anyone with Google Maps on his cell phone find out its location even if the phone does not have a GPS (which until now was sort of a requirement to get some sort of localisation).

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