Just read this on Swissinfo about Swiss innovations:

Switzerland is very highly advanced in terms of innovation, but people do not feel they are innovative. They think things just happen.
“Perhaps we do not feel economic pain enough because we are relatively wealthy here. But Switzerland needs to be hungrier to generate the growth we need to remain wealthy.”

With which I can only agree…

One example was the car sharing service that apparently, I did not know that, was invented in Zürich:

“Car sharing was invented in Zurich, but it was created because it was a nice thing to do rather than as a business concept,” he told swissinfo.
“Nobody thought to develop the technology or market the idea abroad so an opportunity was lost to expand the concept and make money.”

Innovations aspect aside, car sharing service is something I am currently investigating for my personal use. I remember when living in Cambridge there was Zip Car just around the corner, and today I found out there is Mobility just down the street I will be moving in soon.

Subscription is CHF 290.- per year, you even get a CHF 100.- rebate if you have a GA or General Abonnement (a pass that lets you take any public transportation in Switzerland which I have – you have to pay for it of course).

I never had a car, I do not have one currently and the more it goes the more I think I will never have one. True nomad plays with the tool and service he has around I guess…

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