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The dark side of Apple’s app store

The news is making some noise (PC World):

A new Podcasting application has been refused entry into the App Store because it “duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes,” […] The new application called Podcaster would allow users to download podcasts on their iPhone and listen to them at their leisure. The app also streams podcasts so you could listen to your favorite show anywhere you have an Internet or data connection.

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My Mobile Web (2): mobile.rsr.ch

I am going through my mobile bookmarks. First step: my “swiss” folder, or to put it another way: making good use of the mobile web without using useless and expensive services from Swisscom Mobile and its “Vodafone” Portal.

I found it only very recently about the mobile website of the swiss radio. Really neat! It has some iPhone look and feel, it is clean and does a good job at informing on a concise manner… what else asking ?
It even provides some show to be downloaded as MP3 (depends on the connection and make sure you have a good data plan if you are on your carrier network).


URL: mobile.rsr.ch or via the QR Code below
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