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Le web en tant que réseau social

Sur Quora:

L’actualité internationale récente a peut-être (r)éveillé chez certains l’importance de ne pas dépendre d’un outil gratuit pour échanger et communiquer sur le web. Un hébergement avec un nom de domaine + WordPress + un thème adapté et c’est l’assurance de ne pas se faire “taire” trop facilement par les GAFAM ou autres multinationales… Coût total: une centaine d’euro par année, oui ce n’est pas gratuit, mais si on ne veut pas être le produit…

Running 2.7

This blog is running version 2.7 of WordPress now… upgrade was amazingly easy like always.

Technorati is alive ?

Some Upgrades to Technorati.com
Today we’ve made some significant enhancements to Technorati.com […]

No shit ? They are still working on Technorati ???

Seriously… this post to test the newly installed WordPress 2.7-RC 1 (yeah I know just a release candidate)… new admin interface is awesome! might be a bit disturbing for those that have not followed what is going on there :-)


The blog software has been upgraded and it is now running WordPress 2.5.1. Once again the upgrade went without any problem. Was a good time to change very slightly the theme to remove all references to “categories”. Choosing a categoy is often a problem for me so I decided to get rid of it and deal only with tags…

I have also upgraded Firfox on one computer @work… quite promising! It seems managing memory much better…

About Microblogging

Automattic released a new theme called Prologue which transform a WordPress blog into a Twitter-like tool. This is awesome! Will fit so well into an existing community or on an intranet! This is definitively underestimated! Might try to integrate that on an existing community to see how it goes.

Chris Borgan: Prologue is More Than We Are Considering, “Install WordPress on a web server inside the firewall and you’ve solved the “private implementation” of Twitter”, yeap!

On a sidenote, I need to change the layout of this blog to make it more micro-blogging friendly… I want to be able to write 160 chars post without title and stop posting on Twitter.

Gravatar enabled

GravatarGravatar has been acquired by Automattic.

Here is what Om Malik thinks about this acquisition, as for myself I could see how to use it for tracking comments I put on weblogs (and comments are useful). Now that I have a Gravatar tied to my email address, checking and parsing Gravatar.com’s webserver logs could tell where I leave comments (assuming the blog has gravatar switched on).

Here is the very few lines of code to make your WordPress blog also Gravatar-enabled.

A mix of twitter and a blog ?

I like the format of this blog (artefact.ch). It looks a bit like Twitter (short posts in a “river of news” format) but it is a blog. I might even “steal” the idea for the quotation :-)

Often I’d like to publish quickly something, might be a sentence or a link, and I do not do it because I get stuck to the “Title” or “Category” fields within my interface (well categories here are a mess and I am going to take them out now that WordPress 2.3 supports tags). This is probably what Twitter is suppose to do but I am still having a hard time to use it.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that as soon I have some time I will work on a bit on the layout here… :-)

UPDATE: Just found out about soup.io, the easiest way ever to publish, collect, and share what you’re creating, thinking about, or discovering online.

This blog is running WordPress 2.3 now

I have updated the software running this blog to its latest version (2.3) released yesterday. This was done mainly to take advantage of the native tagging support because my category does not mean much! I know there was some plugins that handles that but it is much better to have it “native” (and I do not have to worry for the update ;-)

Upgrade went smooth, once again, no problem encountered. Groovy.