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Mobile web app vs. native app

From Wapreview: Mobile Browser Based Applications

Two requirements need to be met before browser based technologies are capable being a general replacement for applications:
1. They need to be functional offline. The ability to edit a document can’t depend on the availability of a network signal.
2. There needs to be access to core phone features like the phone book, calendar, camera and location.

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Apple app store sucks (bis)

Russell Beattie: The iPhone Crapp Store?

From the descriptions of most of them [read: applications], I’d say there’s a ton of unmitigated crud flowing into the App Store right now. You don’t read about it because the iPhone is all shiny and new, but with all those apps arriving daily the quality has to be really varied. Really, really varied. And with a few of the App developers making BANK to the tun of a quarter million in like two months, it’s just going to get worse. The sort of press those successes generate may not be good for Apple at all in the long run, as it appears the land-rush is on, and the scammers, spammers and other dregs of online society are closing in fast and I have serious doubts if the iTunes Store is really made to keep up.

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Wikio sur iPhone

Pierre Chappaz demande sur Twitter ce qu’on pense d’une version beta de Wikio sur iPhone: http://wikio.alterclickr.com/m/

L’interface de Wikio sur iPhone est plutôt sympa, mais le problème rencontré par Wikio est le même que celui rencontré par tous les agrégateurs de contenu lorsqu’il s’agit de développer pour les mobiles (iPhone y compris), à savoir qu’ils ne peuvent contrôler que la source vers laquelle ils renvoient est adaptée à la navigation mobile. Ceci peut avoir un effet désagréable pour l’utilisateur (sur son portemonnaie et/ou son expérience utilisateur).
Une solution consisterait peut-être à insérer une page intermédiaire qui permettrait d’avertir l’utilisateur qu’il se dirige vers un site potentiellement non adapté à la navigation mobile et/ou proposer l’utilisation d’un transcodeur pour mobile (comme Mowser, Skweezer,…).

My Mobile Web (2): mobile.rsr.ch

I am going through my mobile bookmarks. First step: my “swiss” folder, or to put it another way: making good use of the mobile web without using useless and expensive services from Swisscom Mobile and its “Vodafone” Portal.

I found it only very recently about the mobile website of the swiss radio. Really neat! It has some iPhone look and feel, it is clean and does a good job at informing on a concise manner… what else asking ?
It even provides some show to be downloaded as MP3 (depends on the connection and make sure you have a good data plan if you are on your carrier network).


URL: mobile.rsr.ch or via the QR Code below
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Smaller is better

New York Times: On a Small Screen, Just the Salient Stuff

[…] Visiting Web sites that have been redesigned for the iPhone is often a quicker and more pleasing experience than it is on those increasingly cinema-style desktop displays […]

[…] By stripping down the Web site interface to the most basic functions, site designers can focus the user’s attention and offer relevant information without distractions. […]

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My Swiss Mobile Web (1): mw.20min.ch

I am going through my mobile bookmarks. First step: my “swiss” folder, or to put it another way: making good use of the mobile web without using useless and expensive services from Swisscom Mobile and its “Vodafone” Portal.


20minutes.ch has a pretty good mobile website (relaunched in august last year) with the latest news in a river of news format. If I had to guess I would say that it is based on RSS feeds generated by the “normal” web version. Useless in the train as you have already read the paper version :-) but it seems to be updated all day long. Service developped by MobileTechnics in Bienne.

URL: mw.20min.ch or via the QR Code below…
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About STATUS to 444 (Swisscom)

Me again, complaining a bit… So in an effort to make mobile web more user friendly, Swisscom has set up some time ago a SMS service to get info about the status of your data traffic. Send “STATUS” to number 444 and the remaining MB credit will be displayed! Yeap… what about when you get over your limit ? can’t you guys display how much MB I have used over my limit to know how much more I will have to pay ?

Swisscom SMS service

Today this message was not very helpful for me, I already knew I was over my quota but I wanted to know by how much… I just needed to know how much the service I am using is going to cost! Simple no ? I do not understand…

On a side note… I dislike the new Swisscom corporate branding.