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Twitter as an input for your service

Dopplr recently launched a new version called “Copenhagen” and amongst the new features there is this possibility to insert new trip to Dopplr directly via Twitter (and also by SMS or email). All you need to do is reply to Dopplr with the trip information (eg. “A trip to Helsinki on May 19 to May 23”). Mixin is also using Twitter to feed your social agenda. Problem is that every service requires to fit a given format (for Twitter: “mention a placename and two dates, including the month both times”) that 1) you have to remember, 2) is most likely not compatible with other service. Next step would be to feed those services with natural language…

Also it is interesting to see that Twitter is becoming the “de facto” status aggregator as it is used to feed other services (it is a bit surprising as well given the lack of reliability of this tool that keeps on crashing).

iFeedYou is dead

ifeedyou_on_nokia6630.jpgI have been quite busy lately and I forgot to announce that one… iFeedYou is dead! It was a difficult move but a realistic one… I can not spend hours on that project anymore and it has become too difficult and too expensive to maintain the service up. I feel bad for the very few people that were still using it but they can if they want contact me offline and I will set up for them an alternative online aggregator (while Google Reader or Bloglines might actually do the job :-).
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