Smaller is better

New York Times: On a Small Screen, Just the Salient Stuff

[…] Visiting Web sites that have been redesigned for the iPhone is often a quicker and more pleasing experience than it is on those increasingly cinema-style desktop displays […]

[…] By stripping down the Web site interface to the most basic functions, site designers can focus the user’s attention and offer relevant information without distractions. […]

“By having fewer items to scan for on a small display, users can find what they want more quickly and can be more confident that they have made the right choice,” […] “If you just put the juicy stuff up there it works better.”

With mobile browser getting the same capacity and features than a desktop one, I was really starting to wonder what was the need of dedicated mobile version. Main reasons are price, bandwidth, and usability. While price and bandwidth remain good reason for now I though that usability was going to fade away with the iPhone but it is the other way around. It is reinforcing the need of dedicated mobile version. Too bad it targets the iPhone only…

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