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First weeks with an iPhone

I did it. Few weeks back I bought the iPhone 3G… I had to find out what this is all about and I have to admit that this is quite a nice device (and it comes from a Nokia fan :-).

I am still using my Nokia N95 as my main phone for three main reasons:

  • I have not yet found the time to synch my agenda/contacts with Outlook (for some reason my iPhone is not recognised by iTunes on my laptop)
  • Lack of connectivity while traveling. I use my laptop in the train to work and I like to be connected at the same time (through Bluetooth with my N95 as a 3G modem). I am not quite sure but my understanding is that I will not be able to do that with the iPhone.
  • Battery life sucks… we have heard lot of complaints about Nokia’s battery, but the iPhone one is worse than any other one

There are more and more iPhone/mobile dedicated website which makes the browsing experience on a mobile device really pleasant. Being able to browse normal website is nice (especially with the zoom in-out feature) but not perfect.

To complete the iPhone experience I should try to use it as my main phone and actually use all the phone features… will come back once this is done :-)

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About STATUS to 444 (Swisscom)

Me again, complaining a bit… So in an effort to make mobile web more user friendly, Swisscom has set up some time ago a SMS service to get info about the status of your data traffic. Send “STATUS” to number 444 and the remaining MB credit will be displayed! Yeap… what about when you get over your limit ? can’t you guys display how much MB I have used over my limit to know how much more I will have to pay ?

Swisscom SMS service

Today this message was not very helpful for me, I already knew I was over my quota but I wanted to know by how much… I just needed to know how much the service I am using is going to cost! Simple no ? I do not understand…

On a side note… I dislike the new Swisscom corporate branding.