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iPhone feedbacks (cont’d)

So I finally had to use it because of a problem with my N95. I will fix it that but in the meantime I started using the iPhone as a phone… here are some feedbacks (pros and cons):

  • Synchronisation is not automatic and it needs cable. Once I overcame my problem with iTunes not recognizing my iPhone on my laptop I needed to set up the synchronisation between the device and my agenda/contact (hosted on Outlook). It worked but unfortunately it requires me to plug the device on my laptop and launch the synch manually. The setup with my N95 was just perfect, the synchronisation was done over Bluetooth and scheduled every hour. No need to think about and this how it should be imho.
  • SMS, it still takes me more time to write SMS than on my N95 but I love the way SMS are displayed, as a discussion (some application from Nokia Labs, “Conversation”, allowed me to do that but it was installed by default)
  • Browsing the web… is awesome! It definitively validates the use of web tablet. iPhone’s browser can handle any webpage but it is much more user friendly to use iPhone (or more generally mobile) adapted website!
  • Always connected device. Everything is done to use a maximum of datas online, no wonder the operators like the iPhone. The mapping application for instance will not let me download a set of them locally on my phone as far as I know. Meaning that when travelling abroad I will be forced to use datas network! Nokia Maps lets me upload the datas from my computer.
  • The app store is neat,… but I have not found one killing application… too much buzz there!

More later…

About STATUS to 444 (Swisscom)

Me again, complaining a bit… So in an effort to make mobile web more user friendly, Swisscom has set up some time ago a SMS service to get info about the status of your data traffic. Send “STATUS” to number 444 and the remaining MB credit will be displayed! Yeap… what about when you get over your limit ? can’t you guys display how much MB I have used over my limit to know how much more I will have to pay ?

Swisscom SMS service

Today this message was not very helpful for me, I already knew I was over my quota but I wanted to know by how much… I just needed to know how much the service I am using is going to cost! Simple no ? I do not understand…

On a side note… I dislike the new Swisscom corporate branding.


DigitURL is a new service to help to access the mobile internet. We all know how painful it can be to enter an URL on our small handsets and DigitURL makes this easiest by accessing website through a numeric address instead of a long URL. This is a bit of what I have been intending to implement for some time (ages maybe) with scurl.ch (where “scurl” stands for “short code URL”)… Continue reading

Zong just does not work

UPDATE: I apparently ran into a very specific problem (read bug) that Zong team has fixed in no time. See thread of comments. Good job, I go on with my testings and come back here for some more feedbacks.

ZongI have tested Zong for one of the blog I am running and I ran into a very unpleasant experience. Zong is a SMS gateway (what is Zong ?) provided by Echovox (based in Geneva) that lets you create your own mobile service for your blog. One of them is an alert system based on the RSS feed (called Z-feed) which seems to be a very good idea (we had worked out something similar at Kaywa for our own blogs). Continue reading