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Poken vs. 2d barcode

I went to two conferences in the last month, and both tried to implement a tool to “replace” the business card (or increase the social interaction depending on how you want to see it).

Technoark used 2D barcode… while it was not, to my knowledge, really implemented (I think the barcode on the badge was just there for “access control”), it is quite easy to push further and think that the by scanning the barcode with my mobile phone I could access an online mobile profile of the person I am talking with and save it for later use.
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Location-Awareness and Social Computing

15112007055.jpgWe had yesterday Nicolas Nova visiting us @Cisco (Thanks Nicolas) and giving us a presentation of his work/interests… great talk, very pleasant moment with interesting exchanges.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in giving talk @Cisco…

Nicolas feedback on his visit (with a nice picture of Cisco building here in Rolle)