Yet another barcode generator website:

Augme Nice service that lets you generate barcode (either qrcode or datamatrix) for any mobile link. Once subscribe you can then generate your barcodes, tag them, search,… but I have not seen any statistic module.
Note that barcode generated move the targeted URL to domain. The URL encoded is hosted in another domain, format is the following: Therefore when generating barcodes on you get tied to them.

I have been thinking about something similar with additional functionalities linked to the mobile world (transcoding service for instance) but I have not yet found the time to implement it…


  1. Matt Lally

    Hi Jerome. Thanks for the mention.

    We link through the domain because it allows users to print a barcode on an item- such as a T-shirt, business card, stickers, etc- and then later set the redirect URL.

    You can also transfer control over the redirect URL. Let’s suppose you make a barcode and decide to print it on a product that you will sell/give to someone else. With Augme, you can print the barcode first, then give it your friend, then transfer control over the barcode to your friend.

    We have some examples of T-shirts that are available from us at We also encourage users to make their own products using our service, which is free.

    We will be adding a statistics module quite soon.

    Once again, thanks for covering the website. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me any time.

    Best regards,