2D barcodes for applications download

Tommi’s blog: 2D barcodes pointing directly to application downloads

Good idea, I had seen it somewhere I think but do not remember where (I thought it was on GetJar but apparently not and I could not find it). Here is a two inputs on my side.

1) Not sure that going directly to the download process is the right way to go. An intermediate page that gives some information to the end user like download size and version might be safer. User might feel a bit more secure as soon as it knows how big is the file he is going to download (and charge for, as long as we do not have true flat rate).

2) Why generating one barcode per device model ? (ie. Share online per N95, Share online per N73,… ) the whole logic should be hidden to the user and put on the server side. The correct version of the software to be downloaded should be determined on the server (thanks to User-agent detection), if it exists.

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