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Cisco releases its TechRadar Trends

Cisco Technology Radar Trends

Here is a list of technologies that are currently being monitored…

  • Growth of Encrypted Network Traffic
  • Network Simplification
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Predictive Context
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Browser-Based Video and Collaboration
  • Evolution of Data Management and Data Fabric
  • Fog Computing

Why that post? Here is a bit of what I am doing on a daily basis…

Cisco “Connected Cities”

This is how it looks like when two “cafeterias” (one in Zürich and one in Rolle) are connected over Telepresence for 3 days… the video is great but seeing it live was really great and actually quite a disruptive experience! Making it permanent would definitively improve collaboration within the company!

The Internet of Things… almost there

Press release: Atmel, Cisco and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) Collaborate to Support a Future Where Any Device Can Be Connected to the Internet

Atmel® Corporation, Cisco and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) today announced the availability of uIPv6, one of the world’s smallest open-source, IPv6-ready protocol stack, which could enable every device, no matter how limited by power or memory to have an Internet Protocol address.

Why do I blog this ? Well… Cisco’s office in Rolle has been heavily involved in that with two co-workers working on that project. Cool stuff…

On a side note, I am currently reading this: The Internet of Things

Picking a SSID and Network Magic

I bought a new wireless router at home. working for Cisco I bought a Linksys one of course. At some point I had to choose a SSID name for my wireless network. I used my cell phone number as the SSID, thinking that if someone wants to connect he can call me and I will give out the password…
At the same time I installed Network Magic a networking tool provided by Pure Network (bought by Cisco a few months back)

Indoor positioning

Nokia creates Indoor Positioning:

Nokia’s keeping mum about exactly how the technology works, for now, but has said it’s based on wireless networks. The firm’s also said that the technology still needs a scalable solution to make it work and admitted that mapping the guts of each building “is quite a challenge”.

Based on wireless networks ? so you mean something like the Cisco Location Appliance but integrated on the device ? I would be curious to see how it works but it probably makes intensive used of the wireless network infrastructure…

Cisco invests in SoonR

Remember SoonR the start-up that lets you access over-the-air from your mobile the content of your desktop ? Well… Cisco Leads $9.5 Million Series B Round in Mobile Platform Innovator SoonR.


With the Nokia Mobile Web Server (website) your mobile becomes an active device on the network and now with SoonR, your desktop becomes a server…
Read also: MobileCrunch, NY Times

On a side note I looked for a RSS feed on SoonR website without much success. I can not believe that in 2008  the PR of a tech startup has not set up one. -1.

Stamm@Cisco yesterday

Second W2 stamm was held yesterday at Cisco. I am glad it went fairly well with good presentations and some very interesting networking. There was even a quick Telepresence demo at the end but first Joanna, my colleague, introduced Cisco’s involvement into Second Life. By the way here are the SLurl to Cisco’s island and a link to the official Cisco’s Virtual World blog which also talk about Second Life of course.

In the second presentation, Stephane Cheikh talked about his experience at SITA on how to implement a customized corporate RSS reader with live example and he shared his lessons learned.

Third presentation was done by Matthias Lüfkens who introduced the World Economic Forum on Facebook.

Photos and videos will be published soon. Next stamm is in Zürich at Cablecom Headquarters. Programm is known you just need to subscribe to join the party!

J.-C. Morand: Des formateurs virtuels pour CISCO chez Secondlife and a set of pictures on Flickr.