TelePresence in 24

TelePresence is a big word for Cisco, and while talking about it around me I realized that it is not as well known as I expected. It does make sense since it is pretty expensive product that targets big company but there might be something similar for the “mass” market.
Anyway what is TelePresence ? In one sentence: Cisco TelePresence is a new technology that combines rich audio, high-definition video, and interactive elements to deliver a unique in-person experience—over the network.

Videos are available on YouTube: (1), (2), (3) but this one is taken from Fox’ “24” that features a scene with Cisco TelePresence 300 Suite (season 6). Generally speaking it is funny how I started to see Cisco IP phone or advanced technology in soap and movie while I did not care beforehand… :-)

TelePresence on Cisco France website

UPDATE: Apparently it was also featured on “Vanished” but I do not know this show.

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