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Testing Seesmic

Thanks to Stephanie (aka. Stephtara) I could give a try to Seesmic this morning… It is supposed to be addictive so let’s see but I am having a really hard time to use the video… you know it is hard to get over the “watching and hearing yourself” thingy. First good point, they did not make the dailymotion mistake and the code for the embeded player can be generated from the video permalink, I updated my Videos plugin for my WordPress blogs.

Here is the result of my first post/video (in french): Continue reading

About videos in posts and comments

Publishing video on your blog is not as easy as a copy-paste of the code propose by the website. I often run into problems mainly because of the editor used by my blog platform. I found it painful enough to think that putting something together for the bloggers on “Parlons” might be a good idea… Done. All they need to do now when publishing a video is to put the video link between bracket [ ].
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