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The real-time web: RSS Cloud and Google’s PubSubHubbub

It was quite a revolution when RSS became popular (created in 1999, it became wide used around 2005/2006) and integrated in almost all tools. To the point that some people were even challenging that it would use too much bandwidth… Why is that ? While RSS is a neat system to find out when something changes on a website it still requires from the client to poll the server. Bad designed client (that were not using correctly the HTTP protocol and its 304 status code) and the multiplication of tools (CMS, CRM and co.) would load servers and the network and eventually causing some problems. After a while we get it to work nicely but notifications still relies on the polling mechanism and its frequency. Good… but not enough for the real-time web. Real-time Web? one of the 5 futurs trends on the web (see also a list on ReadWriteWeb of the Top 50 Real-Time Web Companies).

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Stamm@Cisco yesterday

Second W2 stamm was held yesterday at Cisco. I am glad it went fairly well with good presentations and some very interesting networking. There was even a quick Telepresence demo at the end but first Joanna, my colleague, introduced Cisco’s involvement into Second Life. By the way here are the SLurl to Cisco’s island and a link to the official Cisco’s Virtual World blog which also talk about Second Life of course.

In the second presentation, Stephane Cheikh talked about his experience at SITA on how to implement a customized corporate RSS reader with live example and he shared his lessons learned.

Third presentation was done by Matthias Lüfkens who introduced the World Economic Forum on Facebook.

Photos and videos will be published soon. Next stamm is in Zürich at Cablecom Headquarters. Programm is known you just need to subscribe to join the party!

J.-C. Morand: Des formateurs virtuels pour CISCO chez Secondlife and a set of pictures on Flickr.

Zong just does not work

UPDATE: I apparently ran into a very specific problem (read bug) that Zong team has fixed in no time. See thread of comments. Good job, I go on with my testings and come back here for some more feedbacks.

ZongI have tested Zong for one of the blog I am running and I ran into a very unpleasant experience. Zong is a SMS gateway (what is Zong ?) provided by Echovox (based in Geneva) that lets you create your own mobile service for your blog. One of them is an alert system based on the RSS feed (called Z-feed) which seems to be a very good idea (we had worked out something similar at Kaywa for our own blogs). Continue reading