DigitURL is a new service to help to access the mobile internet. We all know how painful it can be to enter an URL on our small handsets and DigitURL makes this easiest by accessing website through a numeric address instead of a long URL. This is a bit of what I have been intending to implement for some time (ages maybe) with scurl.ch (where “scurl” stands for “short code URL”)…


  • QR Code support: once you have the short code (ie numeric code) why not providing the QR Code (or datamatrix) that will lead to this URL.
  • SMS services: why not providing the service that sends you the URL by SMS so that you are one click away from accessing the mobile website (send “SCURL 1234” to number 911 and you get the URL back). Somehow we implemented this with Kaywa and I am trying to do the same with Zong.
  • Add tags to an URL/shortcode to make easy discovering of new websites
  • Statistics for the community (for instance most visited, last visited websites)

Via Textually

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