iPhone feedbacks (cont’d)

So I finally had to use it because of a problem with my N95. I will fix it that but in the meantime I started using the iPhone as a phone… here are some feedbacks (pros and cons):

  • Synchronisation is not automatic and it needs cable. Once I overcame my problem with iTunes not recognizing my iPhone on my laptop I needed to set up the synchronisation between the device and my agenda/contact (hosted on Outlook). It worked but unfortunately it requires me to plug the device on my laptop and launch the synch manually. The setup with my N95 was just perfect, the synchronisation was done over Bluetooth and scheduled every hour. No need to think about and this how it should be imho.
  • SMS, it still takes me more time to write SMS than on my N95 but I love the way SMS are displayed, as a discussion (some application from Nokia Labs, “Conversation”, allowed me to do that but it was installed by default)
  • Browsing the web… is awesome! It definitively validates the use of web tablet. iPhone’s browser can handle any webpage but it is much more user friendly to use iPhone (or more generally mobile) adapted website!
  • Always connected device. Everything is done to use a maximum of datas online, no wonder the operators like the iPhone. The mapping application for instance will not let me download a set of them locally on my phone as far as I know. Meaning that when travelling abroad I will be forced to use datas network! Nokia Maps lets me upload the datas from my computer.
  • The app store is neat,… but I have not found one killing application… too much buzz there!

More later…

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  1. Alberts

    “” IPHONE!!!!!
    full ov shit. got impressed by looking at friends one. Than decided to buy one even though he forbidden me not to do so. If listened to him I wouldn’t have write here about my experiences. Now lets go through it..
    at the first week of my IPHONE when I connected the iphone with the computer it showed a msg saying there is an update available, if i wanna go for it. I been told that updates are always good. But with the iphone?…without any alart, it deleted all my data, picturs, msgs, important documents, contacts everything..everything! How dare it is!!!!!

    * you can’t save any text msg with the iphone. All you can do is keep it like continus conversation. You can’t even forward, save or seperate any specific text msg

    * The BEST (!) thing about it is still you cant send mms whereas most of the camera phone has got that funcion nowadays…so shame on APPLE!!

    * Its very poor functioned compare to the windows mobile devices

    * People just get wondered when they notice that you can’t capture videos with this shitty phone!

    * By having this phone you will face so many unknown problems that you only can restore the device to resolve them. And on that cases you know by now that whats gonna happen.

    * this are only few of them major problems with that so called amaging phone. You have be the practical to experience on your own. Just get it with so much of pride and after few days waist your time by writting so many deferent bad experiences with your OWN IPHONE!!!!!!””””