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A mix of twitter and a blog ?

I like the format of this blog (artefact.ch). It looks a bit like Twitter (short posts in a “river of news” format) but it is a blog. I might even “steal” the idea for the quotation :-)

Often I’d like to publish quickly something, might be a sentence or a link, and I do not do it because I get stuck to the “Title” or “Category” fields within my interface (well categories here are a mess and I am going to take them out now that WordPress 2.3 supports tags). This is probably what Twitter is suppose to do but I am still having a hard time to use it.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that as soon I have some time I will work on a bit on the layout here… :-)

UPDATE: Just found out about soup.io, the easiest way ever to publish, collect, and share what you’re creating, thinking about, or discovering online.