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Technorati is alive ?

Some Upgrades to Technorati.com
Today we’ve made some significant enhancements to Technorati.com […]

No shit ? They are still working on Technorati ???

Seriously… this post to test the newly installed WordPress 2.7-RC 1 (yeah I know just a release candidate)… new admin interface is awesome! might be a bit disturbing for those that have not followed what is going on there :-)

Bye bye Technorati

I have never been a big fan of Technorati. Monitoring content of millions of blogs is not an easy task for sure and they are facing big competition, but for me they really benefited from a lot of buzz and not that much deserved.

Now… they might be releasing new feature like Technorati Topic they still face availability problem (they always had), spam issue, and the CEO and founder, David Sifry, has step down a few weeks ago (together with a few other).

Unfortunately imho there is only one outcome possible: end of business