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Le web en tant que réseau social

Sur Quora:

L’actualité internationale récente a peut-être (r)éveillé chez certains l’importance de ne pas dépendre d’un outil gratuit pour échanger et communiquer sur le web. Un hébergement avec un nom de domaine + WordPress + un thème adapté et c’est l’assurance de ne pas se faire “taire” trop facilement par les GAFAM ou autres multinationales… Coût total: une centaine d’euro par année, oui ce n’est pas gratuit, mais si on ne veut pas être le produit…

Twitter = aggregation for the masses

I think I have been following RSS almost from day 1 (almost). I have been using a feed aggregator almost since Dave Winner – the “inventor” – and his company Radio Userland started to evangelize feeds and more specifically RSS feed (as oppose to Atom format which is a bit more complicated to deploy but expose more feature).

I have always wondered how this invention will actually propagate in the masses. The RSS icon is not so user friendly and still does not talk much to my mom, adding a feed to an aggregator is not so obvious, real feed aggregator (like Google’s reader) remains very geeky… somehow with Netvibes, My Yahoo and alike we reach a state where it can be use by slightly bigger population than just the nerds but in my opinion it is still not very satisfying. That’s where Twitter becomes REALLY powerful. From a "share my status and what I am doing" tool they reach the state of being the aggregator of the masses. Everyone shares its links on his/her Twitter channel. Thanks to the API, big medias publish links to their online content as soon as it’s published, blog plateform let you use plugin that will publish any update from your blog on your Twitter channel, not to mention all other tools build up on top of the API that lets you share picture, video, status, and links… ie. Twitter has become the aggregator for the masses.

Del.icio.us + share status + RSS aggregator = TWITTER

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About Microblogging

Automattic released a new theme called Prologue which transform a WordPress blog into a Twitter-like tool. This is awesome! Will fit so well into an existing community or on an intranet! This is definitively underestimated! Might try to integrate that on an existing community to see how it goes.

Chris Borgan: Prologue is More Than We Are Considering, “Install WordPress on a web server inside the firewall and you’ve solved the “private implementation” of Twitter”, yeap!

On a sidenote, I need to change the layout of this blog to make it more micro-blogging friendly… I want to be able to write 160 chars post without title and stop posting on Twitter.