Testing Seesmic

Thanks to Stephanie (aka. Stephtara) I could give a try to Seesmic this morning… It is supposed to be addictive so let’s see but I am having a really hard time to use the video… you know it is hard to get over the “watching and hearing yourself” thingy. First good point, they did not make the dailymotion mistake and the code for the embeded player can be generated from the video permalink, I updated my Videos plugin for my WordPress blogs.

Here is the result of my first post/video (in french):

Few things to improve (imho)…

  • How do I search for friends ? (well searching for friends in every single network is anyway a pain… to the point I am not doing it anymore and I just mainly let my friends find me)
  • The standalone player does not let me follow the user (no “follow xxx” link)
  • Let the flash player to be resizable (the player is but not the video)
  • Following a threaded discussion is very difficult which seems to be a big drawback for a “video discussion” tool.
  • I need a RSS feed to follow my friends updates.

One (killing) feature request:

  • Let me “trackback” a blog post. I’d like to be able to comment on a blog post with video. Does not have to use the trackback mechanism, but through the post permalink maybe, but I should be able to tie my seesmic video to a blog post (and by the way the link should be bi-directional, ie. from the post comments to the video, and from the video to the blog post). Call that medias convergence if you want,… that’s what I have been trying to implement on my different blogs by automatically converting a video permalink to the embeded flash player.

One side note… I am having problems with Firefox and Flash (on Windows plateform): FF crashes sometimes, I have not found out the pattern yet but it makes the use of Seesmic, based 100% on Flash technology, a bit hard (but of course this has nothing to do with Seesmic service)…


  1. NatC

    (before even viewing your test video) thanks for not having made 20 tweets about it :-)

  2. NatC

    Question: can you select the static picture displayed before it’s run? And can it be a picture that does not pertain to the video? (such as a logo display)

  3. jerome

    You are more than welcome regarding the tweets (or lack of thereof) :-) I did not put my twitters credentials into Seesmic so it has not even updated my flow with my first (and only) video :-)

    No you can not select the picture when on hold,…

    Nat if you wanna give a shot my understanding is that Steph still has some invitations.