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i-nigma, yet another mobilecode reader

i-nigmaWhen testing Nokia N95, I found out on Nokia mobilecode website that a new reader has poped up on the market: i-nigma. It is developped by 3G Vision which is also Kaywa Reader provider, so…

I installed the reader and, likewise Kaywa Reader, code detection is much faster than on the Nokia reader. Really really faster and much more user friendly but what the hell is this user interface ? this design ? The whole website and reader is based on this orange and black flame thing (like the logo) which makes me feel 20 to 30 years ago. Has not design evolved since then ? Is that all what they could come up with ? It is so ugly imho that it actually hurts usability.

It seems they are also providing some services after a registration on their website, though none of them seem to be very appealing (creating mobilecode with my friends infos, creating mobilecodes for my bookmarks or creating some notes). Nothing fancy, not even useful. Geez…. what a pitty.

It seems to be another one of this company that has a very good “original” technology but not much ideas around it.

On a positive note I like the mobilecode creator with the code updated as you type the URL. Pretty cool.