Testing N95… and its mobilecode reader

Nokia N95Remember. I am currently testing this device as we have one at work for our developments. I might buy it but I had the opportunity to test it first… all good. The N95 comes with a mobilecodes reader in it and it is actually the first time that I could test Nokia mobilecodes reader. Quite good!


  1. Howie

    Salüt Jérôme

    Sine more then 1 year I use the N93 which was also shipped with a allready buildin Mobile-Code reader. It works quite well. In case you need an additional tester – pls let me know.

    A+ – Howie

  2. Nokia N95 8gb

    doew this work with the n95 8gb also? i have just bought one and i amimpressed with the features it has already but i am searching to find out everything it can do.