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A Google phone ? what about a Google netbook ? and both for free…

“If you are a Gmail user/Google user, you will end up as an Android user” (don’t remember where I read that)

Here is some notes from a reading in WSJ and the Consumer Forrester blog.

Few take away (speculations, nothing is confirmed by Google)…
– The phone will be directly sold to consumer (direct sale without going through the carriers, hense unlock)
– Code name: Nexus One
– Manufactured by HTC
– Running Android
– Google designed the entire software experience (applications and “look and feel”)

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New tools

I thought that my iPhone was broken yesterday night. I plugged it on my computer to charge it and synch it with iTunes for my weekly dose of podcasts and the screen turned suddenly black (“à la” windows blue screen) and that’s it, no way to switch on again.

I had to quickly found alternatives tools… on the left an iPod 1st gen (I bet you have not seen one of this for quite some time mmh ?), and on the right an HTC Magic phone. Both needed to be charged but are working just fine. The Android phone gets the preference over my good old N95 because I wanted to take the opportunity of trying out “new” Google OS.


It actually appears that a hard reboot was enough to heal my iPhone. I did not think of it at first because I am used to simply remove the battery on my N95 but it does seem quite obvious now (more and more often I do really wonder if I am really an engineer…).

I have to admit that I was a bit scarred to live without my iPhone but despite its recovery I will be testing the HTC Magic for a while… and might report here my thoughts.

1.5 Million G1-Android Pre-Sold

1.5 Million G1 Mobile Phones Pre-Sold:

The G1 won’t officially be available until October 22. […] Reports are in that up to 1.5 million G1 devices have been pre-sold and you can bet that more will be coming in.

With that, Motorola is building a 350-persons Android team and Nokia is also around (though they have to take care of Symbian as well)…

It is going to be interesting… an open-source OS with an appealing development environment,… time to investigate further this Android thing!

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