Swiss Web 2.0 stamm

swissw2.jpgOr should I say SwissW2 stamm ? I attended early this week to the Swiss Web stamm in Geneva. Hosted by Procab, there were two presentations but first thing first, the new logo was presented by Raphael.

The first presentation was from Pierre Chappaz. He presented some Wikio‘s feature including the new version coming soon (in a month or so ??). You can check it out in a previous post while I was testing Shozu again.

The second one was from Nathalie who launched, a site dedicated to host online presentations. I have to admit that I do not believe much in that service mainly because of the business model but of course I wish her all success.

Next stamm will be hosted @Cisco in Rolle, the first presentation is about Second Life, and the slot for the second one remains free.

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  1. Yoan

    Oh, a logo that contains the word swiss without a cross, nice work ;-) Bloobble looks poor in regards of Slideshare who has a better and lightweight technology behind. Best of luck to her.

    Thanks for your review.

  2. nicolas

    Hi there,
    do you happen to know when is the next event?
    I’d be interested to come over
    (I also kept in mind that I wanted to have a lunch with you guys)


  3. jerome

    @Yoan: yeap there are much better product online, that’s another reason why I do not believe in that project.

    @Nicolas: Next event is on October 8th @ Cisco / Rolle. I know for the lunch, it is still in my todo as well :-)

  4. Nathalie

    bloobble is not slideshare and is not intended to be, nor to compete.
    Regarding the business model, I didn’t talk about it, but if you have any idea about what will be a good one for you, I am interested ;-)

  5. jerome

    Hehe that’s the point I do not see any business model but on the other end I have not spent a lot of time to think about it.
    One thing that strucks me though is that it makes quite a nice content to adapt on the mobile phone. If slideshow could be available on the mobile phone with the content adapted to smallest screen. It looks like a perfect match. But that does not answer the business model question

  6. Nathalie

    Thought you got some ideas about the business model. I have been thinking a little bit about it ;-), but if you have some inputs don’t hesitate. I am always interested to exchange.

    The mobile idea is interesting but I am not sure you will be able to read text or figures on a mobile. It’s not exactly equivalent to videos. Need to try though :-)But, why would you want to have a presentation on your mobile?

  7. jerome

    Why on the mobile ? because a presentation is “light content” that does not require too much attention (unlike reading an article or a blog post). It does look for me a good match for nomad people in the move that looks for something which does not require too much focus.
    I can very well see myself in the train and browsing on my mobile on what are the latest presentation available to see if there is something interesting!
    Actually I noticed the mobile in the logo and thought that there was some mobile services :-)

    There might be some technical challenges in transforming the presentation into images that fit the mobile screen but nothing unbearable I guess!

  8. Pat


    Anyone knows if there is something similar like the web 2.0 stamm near Zurich?