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On techno-replacement job

Fastcompany.com: Google’s Eric Schmidt predicts the disappearance of the internet

He [Eric Schmidt] additionally touched on the subject of techno-replacement, and the idea that we may all lose our current jobs to machines as computers continue to improve. Schmidt dismissed the concept, and said that instead technology will create new job categories—with 7 out of every 8 being non-technology roles, which will nonetheless be benefited by technology.

“That somehow no one is going to have a job in the world, and it’s just going to be the Davos elite who is going to have a good time and everyone else is going to be rioting is completely false,” he said.

Why I am blogging this? I have always thought that technology would benefit to everyone and while removing some jobs it would also create some in other areas. I am now really wondering and would love some data driven analysis on that aspect but the more I look at it the more I see non-technology jobs disappearring and I think the impact of technology on the job market is much worse that I had originally anticipated. All together that would be yet another argument for another model of society, a society where one does not necessarily have to work to actually live (well enough).
I might not be that far off if Eric Schmidt himself feels the need to talk about that subject

Vision of the Future

New York Times: A Vision of the Future From Those Likely to Invent It

My personal picks:

      What far-off technology will be commonplace in a decade? “Phones and computers will automatically do anything tedious that doesn’t require brainpower, like signing up for a web site or app. The march of technology is the incessant march of convenience.” from Ev Williams
      Which industry will tech put out of business next? “Higher education. Diamond mining.” from Ev Williams
      What technology will seem antiquated in a decade? “Smartphones. Instead, people will wear computers in the form of contact lenses, bracelets or clothing and “walk up to any wall and instantly have full access to all of your cloud data and services.” from Marc Andreesen
      What is the next issue to undergo a sea change in social acceptance? “Far more generalized acceptance of widespread variations in human behavior. All of us who were raised pre-Internet were taught that there is something called ‘normal,’ and I think that whole concept might go right out the window.” from Marc Andreessen
      What is tech’s role in reducing income inequality? “Start new businesses that create jobs and solve real problems. Also, someone could create a Khan Academy that focuses on professional and vocational skills.” from Reid Hoffman