QR Code stickers with MOO

I get yesterday my stickers from MOO. I wanted to test out the service and thought I could give it a try to print out QR Codes stickers…

Kinda cool… one remark though if you want to do the same, make sure there is enough white space around the QR Code you are uploading on MOO because stickers have rounded corners. Once out of the book my QR codes are not complete any more (part of the corners is missing) and they do not work :-(
Good to know…

I was pleasantly surprised to find a datamatrix on the cover of the stickerbook…
I scanned it with the built-in reader of my Nokia N95 and here is the result:
Screenshot MOO Datamatrix


  1. Agathe

    That’s a really good idea! did not think of moo sticker book for that.

  2. wholegrain

    The Kaywa website offera a qr code guide that addresses size of codes as well as a “quiet zone” surrounding the code for optimum readability.


    I have flirted with the idea of Moo cards but the idea of QR Moo stickers is HOT!

    Thanks for your excellent blog. Today was my first visit. I am percolating with ideas for using qr code. I want one on my t-shirt. I want to project some on the sides of buildings. I want to project them at shows, so people with enabled mobile devices will get the secret message.

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