N95: hard reset and lock code

For some unknown and weird reasons I could not get and send SMS from my N95 phone, neither could I access my logs. Very annoying and I had to go through an hard reset to fix that… here is the process:

  • Backup the content with Nokia PC Suite (which get better every day)
  • *#7370# Soft reset code (restore factory setting but do not loose any applications/datas), did not do the job, still unable the sms/logs problems.
  • *#7780# Hard reset code (loose everything…) did the job (source #)
  • FYI the default lock code is “12345” (source #)
  • Restore the content with Nokia PC Suite, which I actually did not do, a new synchronisation with Outlook did the job for me (really awesome!)

Switching on the phone I got more than 20 SMS that were waiting for delivery… weird!!