I tried Insqribe

Took some time this morning to give a shot to Insqribe, a webapp that allows you to manage your QR Code.

  • Create 10 codes for free… then you will have to pay I guess;
  • Create campaign and codes within a campaign;
  • For every code you get statistics on how many times it has been shot per day/week/month (and export those in csv format);
  • You can create codes that are leading to a web page, allowing document download (song, video,…) or displaying some information in plain text;
  • In three cases the code generated is an URL that points to a server which in turn is going to redirect you to the target destination;
  • When the code generated is a link, your are redirected to the link (well obvious mmh?);
  • When the code generated is a document, it is uploaded on Insqribe website and you are redirected to this document when scanning the code. Would be nice maybe to access an intermediate page that give you some information about this document like size and type, would give the end user the choice to cancel the download (especially useful given the current data rate);
  • When the code generated is “plain text”, you are redirected to a web page on Insrqibe website that displays the text you have entered when generating the code;

The service seems to be using Qode (from NeoMedia) service (probably though an API). When shooting a code the browser is first redirected to a qode.com address and then to Insqribe service (2 redirections then).
(UPDATE: no they are not, see comment below, my bad!)

It seems they are going to introduce some social network features… looking forward to it!

By the way… 2d codes on iPhone sucks! I have not found a good reader yet. None of them seems to be “scanning” in real time the code. They all requires to “manually” take a picture and it renders the whole process much less appealing.

Via 2d-code.co.uk