4 things I do not like about my iPhone

Image courtesy of “blonde inside”… made me laugh, but seriously here are things I do not really understand…

1) No real bluetooth connection (seriously I need my cable to synch it with my laptop ???).
2) Can not use it as a modem with my laptop (how do I connect my laptop to internet in the train ?).
3) No multi-tasking (can not run an app like Trailguru while running and listening music at the same time ?)
4) Closed environment, see The dark side of Apple’s app store (at least they removed the NDA).
5) The buzz.

I have not yet investigated deeply but there has to be some hacks for some of those problems but why not built-in ?

Having said that there are a lot of things I do like about the iPhone (I will talk about those later, it is easier to criticize ;-) and with the futur Androïd/HTC/T-mobile phone coming on the market, the competition will become quite interesting.