Mobile tagging (Beetagg) for bus schedule

Mobile tag and Beetagg for schedule

CarPostal (buses from the Post office in Switzerland – runs mainly in countryside) launch a test with Beetagg to get bus schedule on the mobile when scanning a 2d code. Nothing new or original here (once again), since similar experience is running in Paris.

What’s common for both examples is that proprietary 2d codes are used, my mobile can not read the code without installing first the proprietary reader. Basically when travelling you will have to install first the 2d code reader of that country first. That’s so much not user friendly, and has nothing to do with mobility… it sucks!
On a side note it seems that Beetagg is working closely with the Post in Switzerland and might get the market here. Sucks also (and once again seems that some top-people does not get it).

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