N95: hard reset and lock code

For some unknown and weird reasons I could not get and send SMS from my N95 phone, neither could I access my logs. Very annoying and I had to go through an hard reset to fix that… here is the process:

  • Backup the content with Nokia PC Suite (which get better every day)
  • *#7370# Soft reset code (restore factory setting but do not loose any applications/datas), did not do the job, still unable the sms/logs problems.
  • *#7780# Hard reset code (loose everything…) did the job (source #)
  • FYI the default lock code is “12345” (source #)
  • Restore the content with Nokia PC Suite, which I actually did not do, a new synchronisation with Outlook did the job for me (really awesome!)

Switching on the phone I got more than 20 SMS that were waiting for delivery… weird!!


  1. steve l.

    My N95 also can’t send SMS, but it can receive. Also, my N95 keeps crashing and restarting on itself every once in awhile. I’ve tried several factory resets, then soft resets, then hard resets. Nothing works. Now, I can’t even access my Messages menu and it crashes with even greater frequency. Help!

  2. Joel R

    I have exactly the same problem as Steve. I can’t send or receive messages or access contacts. Hard reset/Soft reset do not work and the firmware will not update. I am getting a message telling me that there is untrusted software on my sim. I do not download new software often and certainly not in the last few months. When I remove the sim there is no problem with getting to the menus or crashing. I am with t-mobile on an 18month contract. I was tied in until the end of April, then this all happened a week later. Is this happening with other networks?

  3. Arslan

    I have the same PROBLEM :S

    I can’t send sms it gets stuck in outbox. I have done Hard reset it works but when i restore my data the problem comes again.

    I have 1.5 gb of data i dont wanna lose it any other way please do mention.

    Thanks :)

  4. Imran Shahid

    I was not able to hard reset my phone with
    3+Call+*+power key
    It did not work. My phone is not turning on, only the nokia welcome screen is shown and then the screen goes black and then again the welcom screen.
    Kindly provide the solution

  5. lasantha

    i have porblem my phone *#7370# My phone soft wear new version not work the default code 12345

  6. daron

    Turn off your phone an hold down these 3 key
    Press *, # an green an keep holdin while turnin on your phone